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Helping Hands

Supporting the Volunteers of the Alachua County Crisis Center

“What can we do for over 100 volunteers who contribute more than 40,000 hours of community service in suicide and crisis intervention each year”?


Not nearly enough!

Check out some of the services Crisis Center Volunteers provide:

Crisis Line

The Crisis Line is a 24-hour telephone crisis intervention and counseling service. Phone counselors are always available to listen to problems and participate in their solution.

Care Teams

The Care Team is an emergency mobile outreach team composed of experienced, carefully selected volunteers who respond to people in crisis whenever face-to-face contact is essential.

311 Critical Information Line

​First activated in 1990, the 311 Critical Information Line (formerly "Rumor Control") has consistently offered a 24 hour/day number to anyone seeking information or assistance during times of community trauma.

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Since 2002, the Crisis Center has answered two national suicide hotlines that allow individuals anywhere in the United States to call and be connected with the nearest certified crisis intervention center. Residents of Alachua County and our neighboring counties are able to access our suicide intervention services through these toll-free numbers.

Community Trauma Response

Our community has experienced numerous traumatic events that have impacted entire segments of our population. In response, volunteers have provided community wide debriefings, group crisis counseling sessions, and education programs. 

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